about us

Developed by physicians for physicians, GMP Network creates and supports partnerships with health care providers, health plans and our community. We provide the latest in resources, tools and education to our network providers, keeping them current on trends, research and best practices in the industry. Formerly known as the Greater Macomb PHO and led by both hospital executives and physicians, GMP Network is now an autonomous independent physician organization. GMP Network works closely with Henry Ford Macomb Hospital as well as all area hospitals to provide our patients with high quality care and our providers with an improved practice experience. The establishment of GMP Network as an independent entity allows us to focus on delivering an integrated, value-driven and high-performing network of health care professionals to better serve our community.


GMP Network exists to ensure beneficial partnerships between its members and Health Plans. Focusing on the successful physician-patient relationship, we provide Health Plans with Physicians committed to achieving quality outcomes. We serve as an educator and communications resource between the Health Plans and the Physicians by providing Physicians with proper support tools and training. We continue to be a vehicle driven by physicians - for physicians.


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what we offer

Technology Support

State of the art Population Health Registry to monitor quality, cost and utilization metrics.

In-Office Provider Staff Assistance

Assistance with payer Cost, Quality and Utilization measures. Workflow and process improvement strategies. Personal coordinator to oversee all Physician Organization related activities.

Patient Center Medical Home

Support in designation of PCMH for primary care and specialty providers.

Patient Predictive Analytics

State of the art predictive analytics to identify subject PCPs with greatest care needs.


Year-round education seminars to our providers and office staff.

Incentive Program

Internal yearly incentive program available for providers participating in risk and Pay-For Performance contracts.

Care Management

Assisting with implementation of care management activities via payer or internal programs.


Assistance in provider enrollment into affiliated payer contracted plans.

Contract Negotiations

Providing the best opportunities to receive premium contracting opportunities through affiliated payers; may include Risk Based Contracts.