High Intensity Care Model (HICM)

HICM: A Physician driven care management program for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Medicare Advantage patients

  • Patient care resides with the primary care physician
  • The PCP is responsible for managing and coordinating patient care
  • The PCP is responsible for closing gaps in care, such as all diabetes measures, preventive measures (PAP, Mammogram, Colorectal Screening.), controlling hypertension, assuring that patients are taking their prescribed medication
  • Patients with chronic conditions need to have regular appointments with their physician
  • Our role is to support the PCP in their efforts to effectively care for their patients.

Provider Delivered Care Management (PDCM)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan health plan offers Provider Delivered Care Management. It is a partnership between the patient, the patients Patient-Centered Medical Home doctor, and other health team members to make sure the patient is not alone in the patient’s journey toward managing the patients’ health conditions. PDCM is a care program that is specifically tailored to the patient and only offered by PCMH designated offices.

You get a health care team who will work with the patient and the patients PCMH doctor to create a plan and then deliver services matched to the patient’s needs.